From Principals Desk

Dr Anjali Saxena
Principal, Bhonsala Military School( Girls)
Rambhoomi Nashik, Maharashtra, India

A Flight towards Defence Career

Women education is a must and essential in the present modern times of insecurities and terrors. Obviously the lurking dark clouds of terrorism and warfare situations on and around the world has become the burning global issue. To retain our freedom of our nation, India should be vigilant with the able, alert, attentive and protective soldiers. The soldiers should be not only the men but women too, as it has become the need of the hour.

We have to retain our hard-earned freedom, with the pure and noble intention to combat the uncertain future and be compatible with the struggle-some times, our women should become self-reliant, self-defensive, self-literate and self-skillful. History has shown and proved that women with moral value, education and character have developed their generation. Our inspiration and the pioneer of Bhonsala, Dharmaveer Dr. BalkrishnaShivaramMoonje had a distant dream of building a military school for girls. Accordingly, the CHME Society has become successful to make his dream come into reality. As the new moon is present in potent form but not seen in the sky yet as it progresses towards full moon, it goes through the transforming phase and becomes visible totally. In the same way the moonlike potential desire and dream of Dr. Moonje is transformed into the presently grown,BMS Girls.

In present modern times, Military education for the girls during their formative years has become essential nowadays , With the establishment of BMS Girls, in 2014 hitherto the girl-Ramdandees have achieved the greater heights and altitudes, be it the sea-swimming competition at Malvan or across the sea-swimming, they performed 7 km sea-swimming in Naval wing at Mumbai. Moreover, they have achieved gold and silver medals at state, national and international levels.

Besides the sportive competitions, the Ramdandees add a feather in the hat of the BMS Girls in academic achievements qualifying IIT Pace Examinations, their exceptional talents are proved in various infotaining media. It's a matter of pride where the student Ramdandee of BMS (Girls) was tagged as a remarkable performer, representing Indiain the Yoga International Championship , China,. Adjoining the educational activities, the students are at the lead in military parade and military discipline. Retaining the very natural feminine trait, the students are excelled infine-arts performances. This is suffice to stand the girl-students as an independent and self-defensive citizen to live a life of dignity and valour. It is evident that the horse-riding, gymnastics, rope-mallakhamb, swimming and adventure training enables them to withstand the adversities of life and living. In a nutshell BMSGirls has created its own identity as empowering women in brain and brawn and in attitude and altitude and in manner and matter. Evidently, it will continually be growing in the years to come.