From Principals Desk

Dr Anjali Saxena
Principal, Bhonsala Military School( Girls)
Rambhoomi Nashik, Maharashtra, India

India is a country which has a rich background related to trace the deeds of historic woman like Rani Laxmibai, of Jhansi ,Sarojini Naidu, Kiran Bedi since from our freedom struggle woman has always been an active member of the society but in today's time woman have to shoulder a great responsibility. she have to play different roles where surplus strength , confidence, ambition is required thus it is an urgent need to rethink and frame our mindsets towards the innovative ways for educating our daughters.

I'ts a proudprivilege for me to disclose a treasure like asset 'Bhonsala Military Girls School' which is a new shoot of Bhonsala Military, an esteemed institution.The school imparts Military training with the Academics. Discipline is the first word which comes to mind when you think of military school. Indeed, discipline is the essence of military school. Discipline creates order. Order creates results. Put a young, rough around the edges individual in a military high school and the transformation will astound you. The structure smooth's and refines. The program demands greatness from its participants. School has various military trained Defense officials to instruct in different fields like weapon Training, Horse Riding, Squad Drill, Adventure Training & Courses, Gymnastics, Yoga, Shooting, Swimming .Group Discussions and Soft skills development is a core part of the training.