From Secretarys Desk

Dr.Dilip Belgaonkar
Secretary, Central Hindu Military Education Society
Rambhoomi Nashik, Maharashtra, India

Girl's education: A lifeline to development

It's a profound pleasure to share with you our newly established Bhonsala Military School 'Girls' where girls are offered all the lifeline skills to development .Education is one of the most critical areas of empowerment for women. Offering girls basic education is one sure way of giving them much greater power by means of military training and enabling them to make genuine choices over the kind of lives they wish to lead. However, it is also beneficial for society as a whole. An educated woman attains all skills, information and self-confidence with that she meets the demands and needs to be responsible citizen of India. Military training in schools are designed to provide students and teenagers with a military education, based on the importance of leadership, discipline and responsibility. Military schools offer a combination of excellent academic formation, attention to physical fitness and discipline that will help develop good citizens for the future.

We Prepare today's teenage girls to be tomorrow's leaders as a militaryofficers In today's time when modernization in terms of lifestyle and moral values are considered, parents should recognize some ways on how to let their children get a proper education and training, molded with moral values and strong life decisions thus the Discipline can be inculcated during the military training.

Our school imparts various military traitslike weapon Training, Horse Riding, Squad Drill, Adventure Training & Courses, Gymnastics, Yoga, Shooting, Swimming, Group Discussions where students develops their personality for self defense, mental and Physical control moreover they acquire a deep thinking for socio Political and economical surrounding in which they survive.