Bhonsala Military School - Girls    04-Dec-2019
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Rules &Regulations

  • Admission test along with physical, Medical Tests and interview will be conducted in first week of February and last week of April. The change in dates if any, of the tests shall be communicated to the short listed candidates. Please note that more registration is no guarantee of being called for entrance test. The parents of the selected candidates will be required to pay the fees, on the day of declaration of results or else the seat will be offered to the next candidate on the waiting list.

  • The written test will be appropriate to the standard from which the candidate has recently passed.

  • The student's interview will be conducted by psychologist to ascertain certain traits required for adaptability in hostel and training environment.

  • Academic year commences on first/second Monday of June every year (the students are required to report on the Sunday prior to it).

  • The students from the other states/ Boards will have to submit School Leaving Certificate duly countersigned by the District Education Officer. A Migration Certificate, if required, will also have to be submitted.

  • The students belonging to the other states/ Boards will have to obtain a clearance certificate from the Maharashtra State Education Department/Board.

  • The students are admitted only when the fee and other charges as prescribed have been paid fully.

NOTE: The School Leaving Certificate from the previous school should be obtained only after admission to this school has been confirmed by us in writing.


Disciplinary Ground (for withdrawal)

Being a Military School, great stress is laid on discipline. The School authorities have a right to remove a student from the School in case she :
  • fails to maintain school or bhawan discipline and his influence is considered harmful for the other students.

  • leaves the School premises without proper permission.

  • indulges in malpractices and indecent behaviour.

  • is considered unable to adjust to the routine and pattern of the School/Hostel.

  • if the student is found involved in thefts.

  • keeping mobile in person.

Medical Grounds : (for withdrawal)

  • A student may be withdrawn from the School in case she is found to be medically or physically unfit to undergo the tough school routine and in case his sickness is likely to have harmful effect on the other students in the hostel.



The academic session is divided into two terms. The first term begins on the first / second Monday of June and the second term in Oct/ Nov after Diwali vacations. The date of reopening of the School is informed to the parents through a circular. The parents are requested to ensure that their wards report to school on the reopening day, those who do not join on the specified date will be charged a fine @  Rs 300/- per day. No student is allowed to stay in the School during vacations.


Leave of any kind is discouraged as it affects the studies and other training routine of the students. However, it may be granted on extreme compassionate/ medical grounds. Festivals, marriage / illness of distant relatives will not be accepted.


The school authorities have formed certain rules and regulations to ensure smooth conduct of academic and other training routine and also for safety and security of the students. The parents are requested to co-operate with the school authorities in this regard by following the rules and regulations scrupulously. The rules and regulations are as follows:-
a)     Parents/ visitors are permitted to see the Ramadandees on specified Sundays and holidays as per school diary.
b)    Parents are permitted to take their wards out of the campus on 'Out-pass Sundays/ holidays' as mentioned in the prospectus of the School between 1000hrs. to 1830hrs with the permission of the Bhawan Masters. The parents must bring them back by 1800hrs. Out pass may be cancelled on disciplinary grounds, This does not create any problems for the parents, since they can in any case meet their wards and spend time with them in the campus. Dress for leaving school campus is mufti. No students is allowed to wear civil cloths on outpass day.
c)    Parents/ guardians are advised not to leave extra cash/ money with their wards. Any money to be given to them should be through the Bhavan Master. Similarly, parents are advised not to leave deposits of money with the nearby STD booths or shops.
d)    Parents/ guardians are advised not to leave costly items like video games / camera / mobile telephones, casio / walk- man etc. Any such items required for tour / annual day be deposited by the parents / guardians with the Bhavan Masters.
e)    All items as per list on page No 16 of prospectus must be sent with the students. Deficiencies will not be accepted.
f)  All items of the students must be marked with indelible ink showing her initials and Ramdandee number. This will help us to trace her items in case they are misplaced.
g)   Parents / Guardians are not permitted to leave eatables with their wards in the Bhawans.
h)  Though reasonable precaution is taken during the training activities to avoid injuries and accidents, the school authorities will not be responsible for any injury sustained by the Ramadandee during her stay in the school.
i)    Leaving the school campus without permission on any reason (including 'Homesickness' or on account of hearing disturbing news from home) will be treated as an act of indiscipline and will be viewed seriously. In such cases, the School authorities will not be responsible for safety and security of the student once he has left the campus. A police report will be filed the moment his absence is noted and reported by the bhawan mistress. Parents are requested to brief their ward especially in this regard.
j)    On leaving the school, the credit balance and the deposits will be returned only after the accounts have been audited.
k)   The school authorities reserve the right to amend any of the rules in the prospectus and revise the fees and other charges (to meet the inflation) without any notice. These changes will be conveyed to the parents through circulars.
l)    It will be presumed that the parents have read and acquainted themselves with the rules and regulations as given in the prospectus, including the amendments to it as circulated from time to time.
m)  The parents are advised to approach the Chairman of the school committee (and thereafter chairman of the Governing Body) for any dispute between them and the school authorities).
n)    All the legal disputes will be subjected to the jurisdiction of Nashik court.
o)    No mobile phone are allowed in the school campus. Any students found with mobile phone, disciplinary action will be initiated.
Note: Parents must inform the school about their latest postal addresses, e-mail, mobile telephone numbers and Residential telephone numbers(or nearest telephone number). This will enable the school authorities to contact them promptly in case of emergency.