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Bhonsala Military School - Girls    30-Jun-2020
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Maj. Sapna Sharma (Retd) 

*Distinguished Portfolio: Maj. Sapna Sharma (Retd.) Assumes Commandant Role at BMS Girls*

*Academic Eminence:*

With a distinguished background as an Engineer and an alumnus of the esteemed Officers Training Academy, Chennai, Maj. Sapna Sharma (Retd.) brings a wealth of academic brilliance to her role as Commandant at BMS Girls.

*Military Prowess:*

Maj. Sharma's illustrious military career is characterized by her role as a Signal Intelligence Officer in the challenging terrains of Kashmir for eight years. Her strategic expertise and unwavering commitment have been instrumental in critical operations. Transitioning seamlessly to the position of Communications Officer, Maj. Sharma has demonstrated a profound understanding of complex communication networks.

*Educational Leadership:*

Beyond the battlegrounds, Maj. Sapna Sharma has served as Principal at various Army Public Schools, showcasing her dedication to nurturing young minds. Her role as an educator extends to teaching Information Technology to Class 11th and 12th students, reflecting her commitment to academic excellence.

*Decorated Accolades:*

Maj. Sapna Sharma's exemplary service has earned her the Chief Integrated Staff Selection Commendation Card (CISC), a testament to her outstanding contributions in Mobile and Satellite Interception in the Kashmir Valley. Her prowess extends beyond the military domain, as she has achieved marksman firer status and represented the nation in Shot Put and Discus Throw at the National Level.

In Maj. Sapna Sharma, BMS Girls gains a leader of exceptional calibre, blending academic prowess, military expertise, and a commitment to holistic education. As Commandant, her visionary leadership promises to propel BMS Girls to new heights of excellence. #Maj Sapna Sharma #Leadership Excellence #BMS Girls Leadership